Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Adapting to life in Gloucestershire

Well it seems that Burton is definitely integrating well, I came home from the gym a couple of weeks ago to find Burton being introduced to all the doggies in the house for their monthly puppy party!

Clockwise from Burton - Rocky, Odie (on the pillow), Bernard, Ephrem, Slushie, Diefenbaker Grin

Since then Burton has definitely made friends with my bunch of miscreants, in fact last week I came upstairs one day to find them building a fort, which eventually turned into a war situation, argh!  Mr Loops and I had to break it up in the end, but I think it was all in fun!

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Afternoon tea with the laydeees of Cheltenham!

My old Uni friends (Poo Shoes, Sharon, Lemmy and Spammy - tho technically we didn't meet Spammy until after Uni but she did go to the same one at the same time as us!) and I always get together to celebrate our birthdays.  This year Sharon decided that for her birthday she wanted us all to go for Afternoon Tea to a posho hotel in Cheltenham, and Burton was cordially invited also!

Here is Burton with the birthday girl, Sharon.

Burton was eager to try all the goodies on offer, but thankfully he didn't notice my friend Poo Shoes in the background being silly! Wink

He absolutely loved it and kept going on about how British he felt having afternoon tea

A perfectly Burton sized Victoria Sponge!

And then in the evening he came with us to Spammy's house for a BBQ, we get sun so rarely that we have to take advantage of it when we can!

He insisted on helping with the BBQ but I did have to help him a little  Cool

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Baking with Burton!

Mr Loops requested some chocolate cake earlier in the week and Burton kindly offered to help me Smiley  He found the mixer pretty heavy to use so I had to give him a hand, but he was very proud of the result, and enjoying noshing on it when it had cooled down!

Sunday, 11 May 2014


Traditionally in England we have a Roast dinner on Sundays, roasts are one of my faaaavourite meals!  However Mr Loops isn't such a big fan of roasts and this Sunday he suggested we go to Yo! Sushi as we'd been wanting to go for a while but they were always full :-(

Burton was a little nervous about the idea of sushi, but he agreed to give it a try!

We started him off on some easier foods, Prawn Yakisoba and Popcorn Shrimp Tempura, nom nom.

Next Beef Tataki

And then finally he took the plunge with Salmon Dragon Roll, and he thankfully loved it!  He's not too bad with the chopsticks now either ;-)

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Saturday shopping trip!

So we had planned to go camping this weekend but the weather forecast was yucky so we had to cancel :-(  Buuuuut my friend Spammy and I took Burton for some craft shopping in Hobbycraft instead, he also got an impromptu driving lesson on British roads as I'm helping Spammy learn to drive, she's taking her test in just over a week!

Here Burton is trying to help Spammy pick out some fabric to make a sleeping bag for her stuffie tiger, Lennurd!

Burton the mischief maker, we turned our backs on him for a few minutes and found him being creative with the papier mache letters!

When I dropped Spammy home, Burton had a little while to get acquainted with her stuffies Arnold the cat, Lennurd the tiger, and my stuffie Mr H (Hugsie), before we headed home.

Friday, 9 May 2014

First trip out of the house!

Today Burton accompanied me to the gym!  He didn't fancy coming in with me and my gym bud Kath for Zumba Step class because he was still suffering with a little jet lag, but he promised he'd come in next week as he wants to have a go on the weights and do some kick boxing with us! :-o

Burton wasn't too jet lagged for a little Chinese luncheon though at Angel Chef ;-)

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Burton Barxley arrives!!

Yey, Burton has arrived!  He was very relieved that the journey from Massachusetts in the U.S. was so quick although he enjoyed the little hibernation ;-)

Burton arrived with some yummy Hershey's bars, nom nom, and his suitcase containing his puppy blanket and favourite chew toy

Since he arrived on Date Night we introduced him to Vlad who took care of him for the evening.  Vlad is a fellow [albeit first-timer] Little Visitor who will be travelling to Quebec, Canada shortly to spend the summer with my friend Maria!