Saturday, 10 May 2014

Saturday shopping trip!

So we had planned to go camping this weekend but the weather forecast was yucky so we had to cancel :-(  Buuuuut my friend Spammy and I took Burton for some craft shopping in Hobbycraft instead, he also got an impromptu driving lesson on British roads as I'm helping Spammy learn to drive, she's taking her test in just over a week!

Here Burton is trying to help Spammy pick out some fabric to make a sleeping bag for her stuffie tiger, Lennurd!

Burton the mischief maker, we turned our backs on him for a few minutes and found him being creative with the papier mache letters!

When I dropped Spammy home, Burton had a little while to get acquainted with her stuffies Arnold the cat, Lennurd the tiger, and my stuffie Mr H (Hugsie), before we headed home.

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