Sunday, 8 June 2014

Beer festival #1 - Pauntley

Mr Loops and I are great fan of Real Ales and Ciders, and are members of CAMRA so we like to go to a few Beer Festivals each year.  This year Burton will be our honoured guest to several of them, and Pauntley is our first this year!

Excited to start the journey (even though it isn't very far away Wink)

Enjoying the Cotswolds scenery!

We decided to camp overnight at this Beer Festival so this is Burton's first camping trip with us too!  Here he is relaxing in the bedroom part of our tent, preparing for the beers.

Looking down the field at the Village Hall the festival is held at.  Empty at the moment, but by the time it started it was packed full of tents and vans.  Thankfully the weather also perked up later too!

Burton amongst the ales, lagers and ciders!  We were one of the first in there so we had our pick of the booze Wink

Burton was kind enough to buy our first drinks for us

Being so small though he tried each of our drinks rather than having his own glass!

Perusing the list to decide what to quaff next!

Burton and me enjoying our tipples.

Burton and Mr Loops scoring the beers that they've tried.

Starting to look a little squiffy!

And onto Sunday morning, after packing up the tent we headed to our of our local pub/restaurants, The Aviator (at the local airport in Staverton), for a nice big English breakfast.  Burton was feeling pretty worse for wear but after a little coffee and some of my breakfast he fully recovered thankfully!

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