Saturday, 14 June 2014

Beer festival #2 - The Aviator

Gosh, 2 Beer Festivals in a row, such drunkards!!  Our local pub The Aviator, which is at Staverton [Gloucester] Airport (teeny tiny airport mainly for helicopters and light aircraft), like to hold their own Beer and Cider festival every year.  It's great as it's not too busy and they have a great selection, plus usually a bbq also!

Here Burton is trying his first cider of the day, and browsing the list to decide what's next!

Mr Loops letting Burton try his beer!

"Too much beer, I wanna go home!!!"  Burton loved watching the aircraft coming and going so he climbed a fence to get a good view of one of the hangars.

Time to soak up some of the booze with a nice hotdog, nom nom.

Scoring our tipples again.

Burton with the gang, Mr Loops, Mr Loops' parents (who live really close to the pub), and Spammy and her bloke Chris

Trying some of Chris' beer

Trying some of my cider!!

Doh, I think Burton has had too many tasters!!!  He says he's going tee total for a little while now to detox Wink

And on to Saturday, we stayed at the in-laws' house as they wanted to have a family bbq the next afternoon.  Here Burton is observing their parrots, Rex and Millie!

And here Burton is riding on a big bronze fishy statue, which I'm told was made by the same artist that made the Minotaur and Hare statue in one of my previous posts.

Playing word games with Mr Loops' mum and niece

Waiting for the bbq to heat up Burton decided to take a nap in Mr Loops' hat!

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